How to use the OCAT

Who will take the OCAT?

  • The OCAT is not meant to be a comprehensive “staff engagement” survey, and as such should be completed by those with the requisite knowledge to reflect on the capacities of the organization across a broad range of dimensions.
  • We recommend that individuals representing the board’s senior leadership, the CEO/executive director, and a handful of staff who will likely have relevant insight take the tool. Ideally this would be five or more respondents for a robust sample, but the tool can be used with smaller groups if appropriate.
  • There should be a fair mix of people from senior leadership and staff to ensure that the results are not biased.

What should the timeline be for completion of the survey?

  • The time from the registration of the organization until the debrief session varies by organization, usually ranging between four to six weeks.
  • However, the organization should determine key dates for the five different stages of the OCAT process. This will enable you to better develop your timeline.

How does one set up an OCAT account for an organization?

  • Setup is done online, on the OCAT login page.
  • The administrator for the organization should set up an account for the whole organization. Following this, the administrator can invite individuals to take the survey.
  • The account setup process also involves the filling of an organization-wide questionnaire by the administrator.
  • Individuals should use the link sent by the administrator to set up individual accounts and take the pre-debrief individual survey.

What module should we take?

  • In order to be comprehensive, the OCAT required users to complete the full set of modules.
  • For organizations that indicate that Advocacy is a significant part of their work, they will also complete the Advocacy module.

How does the administrator engage with respondents?

  • The administrator reaches out to respondents to inform them about the survey that they will be taking.
  • The administrator provides necessary guidance and answers any questions that they might have.