How to take the OCAT: Complete

OCAT involves a survey that asks the user to assess the organization on a continuum of "one" to "four", where each number corresponds to a description that scores the organization's current capacity around the seven dimensions. A sample is below:

How to take the OCAT: Generate output

How to take the OCAT: Hold debrief conversation

Prior to holding debrief conversation, it is important that everyone prepares for the discussion.

  • Observe pre-debrief reflection period.
    • Use the pre-debrief reflection guide that is provided.
  • Agree on debrief meeting objectives.
  • Develop meeting agenda.

During the debrief session

  • Discuss overarching themes.
  • Delve deeper into strengths.
  • Conduct group reflection on problem areas and opportunities to improve.
  • Review areas with least consensus to align perspectives.
  • Determine actionable post-debrief goals and owners to drive priority initiatives.
  • Synthesize meeting takeaways and next steps.